Financial Assistance

"No child will be turned away for financial reasons  

or a lack of music education"


We offer two different types of regular financial assistance:

 scholarships and assistantships.  

NOTE: These assistance programs are for those who would like to join the "Touring Choirs". There are no fees associated with the "Just One" Choir. 




The availability of merit based scholarships will vary according to the funds available and the needs of current or potential members. Only those with exceptional talent and dedication will be offered a merit based scholarship. We are working on funding the merit based scholarship, but at this time there is nothing available.


There is one spot open each semester for no tuition. This is called the “blogger scholarship”. This scholarship is given out on a first-come, first-serve basis each semester. Requirements: Blog after rehearsals, performances, and retreats. A chorister may have this scholarship only once, for one semester, so that we can share this opportunity with others.  The applicant must be in grade 5 or up and show proof of strong writing skills. 


For each hour a family works to help the choir they will receive $25 off their tuition that month. Therefore, if you work 2 hours each month helping the choir, your child could sing for FREE!!! If more than one person is working on the same task, it still only counts as one persons time - it will not increase the time invested if more than one person is helping. NOTE: Uniforms costs, registration fees, concert tickets, concert tours, and any other special events are not covered.


It is totally up to you if and when you decide to help us. You could spend 4 hours one month and then 1 hour the next. If you'd like to see what various tasks we need help with please contact us.

If you're interested in an assistantship position or simply just have questions,

please contact us.