Rehearsal 3 - Thursday, September 28th

During rehearsal I learned the Italian Christmas Carol "Dormi, Dormi". I was also able to use my melodica (see the photo)

while rehearsing. Everyone in the training choir get's their very own melodica. We tried on our uniforms and that was fun. We had snack together and talked a lot. My new friends were very nice to me. We worked on our solfeggio hand signs and practiced remembering the names of the music notes. Mrs. Sousa is very nice and helped me with my music. Mr. Sousa and his infant son, Lio, came in too while we were learning our notes and performing our rhythm exercises. Cameron was the new friend I met and she was very funny. We did lots of singing but also played a few games which made me laugh. Its great being in the Children's Choir.

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