Frequently Asked Questions


  • May I and my child watch a rehearsal before making a decision about enrollment?

Yes. If you're interested in enrolling your child you're welcome and encouraged to watch a rehearsal however, we request that you let us know when you plan to make your visit. To contact us please click here. We look forward to meeting you.

  • Where do rehearsals take place?

Rehearsals take place in Charlottesville, Virginia at Mt. View Baptist Church908 St Clair Ave  Charlottesville, Virginia 22901.

  • I’m not really musically inclined; can you explain what members of the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia will learn?

Members of the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia will become music literate. Similar to how you can easily read the words on this page to form sentences, choristers (choir members) will learn how to easily read music at sight and make music. The ability to read music will last their entire lives, whether they sing or play an instrument continuously throughout their lives or decide to pick it up again in the future.


  • How do you make choir fun?

Movement, toys that teach, and varied repertoire, musical accompaniment (such as piano, organ, percussion, etc.) languages, exercises, rehearsal spaces, and performance venues all contribute to a fun and invigorating experience for the members of the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia.


National and international concert tours, in addition to, local varied performance venues such as historical monuments like Monticello, nursing homes, churches, Cathedrals, and collaborations with other choirs will not only add to their enjoyment but, will offer them fond memories and experiences that will remain with them throughout their lives. 


  • What other benefits are there to joining the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia? (Learn, Develop, Prepare, Provide)

Members will learn how to read music and sing yes, but there’s so much more that their experience will offer them. They’ll learn teamwork, a sense of responsibility, proper enunciation, beneficial posture, and breathing techniques. Additionally, they will come to realize that there are no short cuts to excellence and that there’s great value in careful preparation to reach goals. Members will see first hand that leadership, demeanor, and a good attitude make a significant contribution to the success of a group and that a dedicated team of individuals can make an exciting and positive impact beyond what is possible for an individual.


Members will develop poise under pressure, self-esteem, a sense of culture, sophistication and a strong foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment in music either as active participants or as generous supporters. Lastly, membership in a choir may provide a college 'hook' in the application process showing well-balanced experience and education.


Being part of a music ensemble such as the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia is a unique opportunity not just to learn how to read music, sing, make friends, and have fun, but to learn a multitude of valuable life lessons and develop into well-cultured and caring individuals.


  • What's the difference between private music lessons / instruction and the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia?

There is a good deal of merit to private music instruction and we do encourage all children to take private music lessons whenever possible. However, friendship, teamwork, special performance opportunities, and extraordinary memories are a few of the added dimensions provided by being part of an ensemble, such as the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia. We DO offer private piano and voice lessons, click here to find out more information. 


  • How often will the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia perform?

We would like the children will sing as often as possible, however, we understand, rightfully so, that people want to be part of organizations that produce a quality product. Therefore, we limit performances to when we feel we’ll be ready to do our best. How often we sing will depend on the preparedness of the choir, which will depend on the demands of the music we’re planning to perform. Click here to see our current schedule.


  • Why is the Children’s Choir of Central Virginias’ motto, “Dedication, Excellence, & Beauty”?

It is through the dedication of each member that we are able to work towards youth choir excellence, and through excellence that we can bring to life beautiful youth choral music of varying styles and languages. The fruits of this process are a sense of community, the joy of achieving set goals, self-discipline, mutual respect, self-esteem, teamwork, better posture and enunciation, historical perspective, development of a sense of culture and sophistication, and the critical lesson that there are no short cuts to excellence. Regardless of experience, each chorister will be encouraged to be dedicated and do his or her best. Parents and participants will repeatedly and clearly see the applicability to many other areas of their lives—including academics—of the many practical life skills that the choristers learn.


  • How much of a value is the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia?

Our competitive rates offer families an incredible value. Private music lessons typically cost anywhere from $25 - $35 per half hour. As a member of the Children's Choir of Central Virginia, your child will receive an hour and a half of high-quality music instruction, from a professional with an advanced degree in music, each week we're in session. This amount of music instruction, with a private instructor, would typically cost about $75 - $105 per week and add up to $300 - $420 per month! As stated above, we do encourage all students to take private music instruction whenever possible. To see more about our tuition and fees click here.


  • Is the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia associated with any church or religion? I see your rehearsals take place in churches.

We are not associated with any specific church or religion. We are an independent LLC organization.

  •  Why have you decided to establish the choir as an LLC?

Simply put; it is much more simple. In addition to being able to make faster decisions because we have no board of directors, we give back money to the community by paying taxes and offer a high quality product for our members and the community to enjoy. We are of the mindset that we should not only accept funds for our operations and give back to the community through our above average services but, also pay taxes that will be fed into our community.

  • What types of music does the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia sing?

The Children’s Choir of Central Virginia sings secular and sacred music repertoire of various languages, time periods, and styles. Click here to see our current list of repertoire.


  • My son has a changed voice; can he still join the choir?

The Children’s Choir of Central Virginia sings treble repertoire (music selections). Boys with changed voices are welcome to join provided they are still able and willing to sing, with some bit of consistency, in their treble range. This will vary from boy to boy and evaluated on an individual basis during their interview.


  • What is the commitment level we need to make in order to join the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia?

The touring choir is a 1 year commitment; from September - September. 


  • How can we sign up for the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia?

Click here to learn more about signing up for the choir.


  • Does the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia have uniforms? If so, what does it cost?

For more information about our uniforms please click here


  • I still have questions…

If you still have questions please take a look at our handbook by clicking here or contact us; click here for our contact information.