Our organization is largely supported by tuition, many amazing volunteers, and your generous donations. We appreciate every donation that helps us to reach more children and expand our offerings. Here are some easy ways to donate:





You can also donate by mailing a check to:

The Children's Choir of Central Virginia 

PO BOX 544

Ivy, VA 22945

Your donations help us with many operating costs such as salaries, office supplies, music, facility rentals, advertising, printing, and much more.  Your donations also help us to offer scholarships and expand our offerings.


We are seeking corporate sponsors to help insure our costs are covered as well as free up some revenue that can be used in other areas to support the choir. If you have or know a company who understands the importance of supporting children and the arts, and would be interested in a sponsorship opportunity with us, please let us know.

Your donation can go to support:

  • $0.01 to any amount donation will help to offset our regular costs such as salaries, office supplies, music, advertising, printing, and much more...

  • $600 donation to sponsor a "touring choir" chorister’s tuition for 1 year


At this time donations are NOT tax deductible, as we are an LLC, but they do help to support our choristers and our important work for the community. Thank you for your time and kind consideration.