At the Children's Choir Central Virginia, we seek through care, practice, and discipline to nurture the music talent of all our choristers, that together we may perform well-crafted choral music repertoire, in varying styles and languages, with dedication and excellence, and thereby enhance the lives of both our choristers and our audiences with beautiful music.


  1. Choir is a fun and engaging way to serve the community.  

  2. Choir is an easy way to make lots of new friends and feel part of a group.

  3. Choir teaches lifelong beneficial posture and breathing techniques.

  4. Choir helps develop better habits of good enunciation.

  5. Choir develops poise under pressure and self-esteem.

  6. Choir teaches a sense of responsibility and of setting priorities.

  7. Choir teaches the value of teamwork.

  8. Choir reminds singers that there are no short-cuts to excellence.

  9. Choir teaches the importance of careful preparation in reaching goals.

  10. Choir develops a sense of culture and sophistication.

  11. Choir provides the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment in music.

  12. Choir trains participants to be future supporters of the arts.

  13. Choir provides a healthy cultural and creatively artistic balance in these days of heavily data-based education.

  14. Choir conveys that leadership, demeanor, and good attitude make a significant contribution to the success of a group.

  15. Choir reminds us of the positive, exciting impact a dedicated group can make beyond that which is possible for an individual.

  16. Choir can be a college “hook” in the application process, showing well-balanced experience and education.

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